Modern Living TV Season 5 gets a taste of the StrEat

Modern Living TV

Modern Living TV Season 5 (MLTV) opened on a delicious note as host Bianca Gonzalez-Intal visited StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park, co-owned by Cheska del Castillo.

It has been a long yet steady climb for the entire Maginhawa food district, what started out as hole in the wall cafés and diners targeting students and residents of the village have become a legit dining mecca for a much bigger food-loving population.

StrEat is a mother and daughter thing. It was supposed to be a commercial pharmacy but then they have decided to have something more laidback because that’s what they felt was missing in the food industry right now.

The tandem wanted a greener-looking dining experience where families and friends can try a lot of food. The place is 25% green because it has a little garden at the front and making it more interesting are the small exhibitions — photography shows and anything visual arts. StrEat is family-friendly because they have decided not to serve alcohol, though there’s wine.

A spot in Maginhawa that doesn’t serve beer may not be ideal for some groups but it definitely works for families and friends who simply want to chill and enjoy great food.

Modern Living TV Season 5 gets a taste of the StrEat